Here’s a massive fashion reference post, listing everything from Prehistory times, Medieval times, the Renaissance period, the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th century! (I particularly love the Medieval clothing and Flapper era). Check the list below and follow the link to specific resources.

Prehistory –

  • Neolithic Clothing – The beginnings of textiles, some woven materials, leather, etc. Circa 102000 BCE – 2000 BCE.
  • Bronze Age Britain – The development of more sophisticated textiles, including wool and some ornamentation, including brooches. Circa 3200 BCE – 600 BCE
  • Dyed clothing arises Early Iron Age in Europe Circa 1200 BCE – 1 BCE
  • Iron Age Clothing (Europe) – Even more sophisticated, ornamented clothing, textiles, hairstyles.
    • History of the Tartan and Kilts (Also includes a unique history of weaving by the Scots and Celts. ) Iron age in West of Northern Britain and Ireland in the 5th to 6th century BC.

Fashion of the Ancient World

*Note: I’m not including many cultures here (such as Asian/South American) simply because of my own lack of expertise + time and space limitations in this masterpost.

Medieval Clothing

*A Note on Women’s Fashion – Tight lacing did NOT appear until about 1340, which means that shapely, comely bodices would not have appeared in fashion before this time.

The Renaissance

Tudor Era Clothing & Apparel Laws* – King Henry VIII, et al.

*Note: For the Tudor and Elizabethan eras of fashion it’s important to note that there were laws in place which dictated what clothing you could wear due to your social class.

To design tudor clothing or illustrate your character, try the Tudor Scene Maker at

1600’s to 1800’s

Victorian Era- History of Victorian Fashion (1837-1901)

The 1800s

Twentieth Century

Punk Fashion (Wikipedia)