Blueprint of a French Chateau.

Real estate website eplans creates home blueprints in a quick and easy fashion. The free program offers a various selection of house styles such as Colonial houses, simple farmhouses, log cabins, or English cottages and French Chateaus. It even has a Gothic Revival House option! After choosing the style and general options such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and levels the program send you to a narrower selection. Then you’ll be able to add more furnishings like windows, balconies, fireplaces, French doors, and other features.

Once you’re finished with these construction options, click on any of the houses to the left of the page. You’ll find blueprints of that house design in the next page. You can print the plans out and pencil in any specific furniture you want to add. Ta-da! You now have a customized blueprint of your characters’ home. This helps visualizing your character’s sense of space and comfort. You should definitely use this if a majority of your scenes are set at home.