For nonfiction, your ideal reader is identified by what problem he’s trying to solve. Fiction, on the other hand, is trickier. You’re trying to discover your reader based on how he finds new novels he enjoys. You could say his “problem” is finding books that satisfy his particular tastes, especially when he doesn’t have anything new to read – all his favorite authors are between books, he’s read all their offerings, and now he’s forced to search for something else to feed the craving. – author Cathy Yardley

Sharing these tips on how to market Fiction novels is Cathy Yardley, author of eighteen traditionally published romance, women’s fiction, and urban fantasy novels. She’s also a developmental editor and writing coach at

Before you can identify who your audience is, you need to know what genre you’re writing in. Don’t bother keeping your material evenly spread or well balance. Target a core audience- the audience most likely to enjoy your work based on a specific genre. If you’re having trouble finding which genre your work is, ask yourself these questions:

  • What inspired you to write this story?
  • Is this story a fast-paced adventure or an intricately built fantasy world? Is the world based on reality?
  • How do you emphasize the mood, atmosphere, and setting?

After You’ve Named the Genre, Examine Popular Works in the Genre

Look into online forums about these popular works and observe how fans speak. What did they find most appealing about the work? What do they complain about the most? How often do they read the work, what else do they read, and what do they recommend to other fans. Do not take this as an opportunity to promote your book.

With information gathered from forums, authors are better equipped to find a niche in the genre, such as light-hearted mystery or a noir-inspired mystery. “While some readers might enjoy both, your ideal reader prefers to stick with the style you write. Don’t focus on convincing people to try your book despite their preferences,” Cathy said. Instead, you should use the most familiar keywords from forums to create an attractive book description.

After the story is published and available for consumers, consider doing guest posts or hosting forum discussions with your target audience. Share about topics you’re well versed in, particularly topics you researched while writing or editing your manuscript.

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