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About Page

  Hello! I’m the Mad Scribbler, aka Aimee Pollock. I graduated from university with a bachelor’s in communications and a minor in Creative Writing. I’ve also interned in a UK publishing house and work as a freelance editor. is an archive featuring some of my favorite articles about literature and publishing, most of which I began collecting as a student until it developed into a full library I’m now transferring to this website.  

  For anyone interested in helpful tips to improve their writing, be it fiction, non-fiction, or even fanfiction, look no further than my Main Menu. Yes, I do appreciate fanfiction; in many ways it’s a measurement to reveal how much a script or book has inspired its audience. It also clues us writers in on what readers want to see in books or films, very important when you write for large masses! With the summer of 2021 coming, I’ve decided to add my own reviews about several works I’ve read during the pandemic. These Mad Reviews feature a diversity of reading material, from articles to books or fanfiction, for my own research or reading pleasure. I will be featuring an online illustrator weekly in these reviews as well. If anyone would like to refer me to such an artist, please do.

  If anyone is interested in contacting me for ideas, research recommendations, or even just to have a conversation, please email me from my Contact page.

  I’m afraid this page is almost over. The March Hare and hobbits say I’m late for tea. For now, I bid you all a good day, and happy writings!

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