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About Page

 ink-316909_960_720I’e spent years being taught how to write and observing the creative processes others use. I’ve even produced a few works of my own, although I still have to improve (all the best people do). In the meantime, I’ve decided to enter the wardrobe and join the online author community. For the next few months I’ll be sharing my tips, writing techniques, and even a few reviews of online authors or novels that I’ve read. If anyone is interested in contacting me for ideas, research recommendations, or even just to have a conversation, please email me from my Contact page.

For anyone interested in helpful tips to improve their writing, be it fiction, non-fiction, or even fanfiction, look no further than my Main Menu.  Yes, I do appreciate fanfiction; in many ways its a measurement to reveal how much a script or book has inspired their audience. It also clues us writers in on what readers want to see in books or films, very important when you write for large masses!

My Mad Reviews will come out once a week, featuring an online artist for their skills with a paintbrush or quill. If anyone would like to refer me to such an artist, please do.

I’m afraid this page is almost over. The March Hare and hobbits say I’m late for tea. For now I bid you all a good day, and happy writings!